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Week 78: Miracle Madness

Mar 04, 2024

This one is long, but please read it. ❤️

Hey everyone! This week was so fun and full of miracles.

At the beginning of the week Elder Chen and I had a little time before a lesson, so we went finding at this park. Usually, street contacting isn't the most effective way to find new people, but we've really been trying to implement it more in our work. While we were there we only talked to a couple of people. We gave a ming an English class flyer and the next day her husband called and brought their four sons to English class! Hopefully we'll get to meet them again.

Right before we got on our bikes to leave, we saw another ming, named Ming Huoy, with her three kids trying to take a selfie. Elder Chen said, "She looks nice" then I said we should take a picture for her and talk to her a little afterwards. Turns out she believes in Jesus Christ too and after about 10 minutes she asked us to show her where the church was. On Sunday morning we reminded her that we had church, and she came with her three kids. As she listened to the members share their testimonies she said, "I hope I can learn and have enough knowledge one day so I can stand up there and share my testimony like them." Hopefully we can keep meeting with her and next month we can help her to get the courage to do it!

I was also able to do two exchanges this week with my homies Elder Prak and Elder Idanan. They are both amazing missionaries and I love them so much.

On my exchange with Elder Idanan I was able to go to my old area again. It was a pretty normal day, until the end of the night right before we went home. We were about to leave the church when I saw my friend Thearith. Thearith has been a member for over a year now and he is one of the first people I met in Cambodia and I got very close with him. He's like my little brother. Some members told me that he hasn't been going to church for a little over a month, so I sat down and just asked him how he was doing. As we sat and talked, he just opened up about things he was stressed about and knew he has been inactive for about the past month or two. He started crying and told me how ashamed he felt. I told him that there was nothing he should be ashamed of. I could see how sad he was, but I gave him a hug and reminded him that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ know his situation, love him, and he can always come back no matter what. Then Thearith went to church this Sunday! I'm so thankful Heavenly Father prompted us to do an exchange that day. He is so aware of each and every one of us. He is in every detail.

Ok sorry this is so long, but I just have one more amazing miracle.

About 8 months ago when I was serving in Battambang, we were trying to help two of our teaching friends who are both deaf learn about the gospel of Jesus Christ. Their names are Ganha and Veasna. We and multiple people tried so hard and right before I left Battambang they were on track to be baptized. Sadly, a few weeks after I left, they couldn't find someone to do a baptismal interview and Bong Ganha and Veasna ended up moving to somewhere in Phnom Penh. Nobody knew where.

A couple of months later I got in contact with their sister and asked where they moved to and found out they were in an area called Steung Mean Chey. She said they were living with their mom, so I got her phone number and tried to call, but she didn't answer and I kind of forgot about it for another month or two.

Fast forward to now. I am now serving in the area where their sister lives and it reminds me of them, so I send the phone number to Elder Traveller who now serves in SMC and was trying to help them after I left Battambang. He gets in contact with their mom who is a member, and she didn't know there was a church near her, so the missionaries tell her where it is and she says she'll try and go.

This Sunday, Bong Ganha, Veasna, and their mom all went to church together. Elder Sam, who used to help teach them over the phone, lives in SMC. Two sisters from the Philippines who just started their missions and were assigned to serve in SMC both learned sign language before their missions and are able to help teach them now. And they now have a neighbor that knows both ASL and KhmerSL to help translate more clearly.

They are now trying to learn everything again and be baptized within the next couple of months. I cannot express the overwhelming joy and love I have felt hearing about them finding their way back to church. Tears filled my eyes when I saw the picture of them at church. I know Heavenly Father is in every detail. And I have really felt of His love for others and me this week.

I can always see how much Heavenly Father loves others. I think we all do. It's so overwhelming how much He loves us. But I think oftentimes we forget how much He truly loves us individually. I will admit sometimes I forget or don't recognize the love my Heavenly Father has specifically for me. But as I have reflected on these past few days, I know that my Heavenly Father loves me. And all of you. Never forget how much He loves you. Specifically just you. He knows you and loves you perfectly.

Elder Mendenhall

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