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Week 74:Β Father, Son, and a Filipino

Feb 05, 2024

This week I got to do two exchanges! One with my Samoan son, Elder Hunt, and one with one of my favorite Filipinos, Elder Idanan.

The first exchange with Elder Hunt was so fun. It was really good catching up with him and seeing how much he has grown since his training. We were able to teach one of their teaching friends about the Restoration and he had a lot of great genuine questions. Elder Hunt is such a beast. I'm so happy I have the chance to serve around him again. He's going to be a great father one day. πŸ˜‰

I got to go on another exchange with Elder Idanan in my very first area Tuol Kork and Teuk L'ak. It was really awesome getting to know Elder Idanan. He has one of those laughs that just makes you laugh too. His English is a C+. It was so awesome getting to see so many of my old friends, like Panha, who was the first person I got to baptize here. He was the one who graded Elder Idanan a C+, hahaha. I also got to surprise my αž˜αŸ‰αžΆαž€ Ly (mom) and it was so awesome seeing her. We taught her about our own personal Liahonas and invited her to pray and prepare to receive a patriarchal blessing. I got to see so many other homies too and it was so fun.

Also, shoutout to my barber Elder Platt! πŸ’―

The highlight of this week was our friend Bong Ngan taking her first step down the Covenant Path and receiving baptism. I know God has been preparing her for a long time. You can see the light in her eyes and hear the love she has for her Heavenly Father through her prayers. She inspires me to have better prayers and has strengthened my testimony. As members welcomed her after the baptism, she looked so happy and had tears in her eyes. I know she's been waiting for the happiness this gospel brings for a long time. I am so grateful that this gospel and the happiness we can receive from it is available to all those who are willing to try, to listen, and to follow our Father in Heaven. It takes one small act of faith. Just take a chance and sincerely seek for an answer and I promise our Father in Heaven will show the way. I know with all of my heart this church is true and that Christ lives. We can only be saved through Him and His mercy.

Elder Mendenhall

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