Cambodia Ta Khmau

Week 59: The Floods Came Up

Oct 23, 2023

Sorry for the late email, but I didn't take enough time today to write one. These past few days have been pretty awesome though!

I forgot to mention last week that I did my final exchange with my brotha, Elder Winegar! It was sooo much fun. He was my first exchange ever on the mission, and I was his last (his extension doesn't count). It was so much fun just getting to talk to each other throughout the day and we saw some really awesome miracles as well. He dies (goes home) in like 3 weeks. Sad.

Ming Phal is back from the hospital and I'm so happy we're able to start meeting with her again! We had a really great lesson with her about how all things that are good come from God and things that are evil come from the devil. We shared Moroni 7:11-17 with her and I feel like she really liked it.

Also, I will tell you right now, 3 កូនកាត់ Khmer boys cannot conquer the task of making a flier on Google Docs or Word. Sorry Dad. Bong Jarom knows.

We also got to go do some service this week! This one member's house flooded so we went to help move beds, dressers, and other belongings to a higher level. Almost waist-deep water. It was so fun. There was a snake in the water too, but luckily nobody got bit.

On Sunday we got to watch the Bangkok Thailand temple get dedicated and it was so amazing. The Spirit was so strong. Just seeing all the members gather together in the chapel to watch the Thai temple get dedicated gave me a little glimpse of what it will look and feel like when the temple in Cambodia is dedicated. I can't wait for that day. I know the temple in Cambodia will bring families closer together and help them to feel the Savior's love stronger than ever before.

Cambodia Phnom Penh Temple coming soon...

Families can be together forever. I love you all!

Elder Mendenhall

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