Cambodia Ta Khmau

Week 56: House Party

Oct 02, 2023

Not really. More like house explosion. Our house had so many problems this week.

On Wednesday morning we woke up and a robber stole our water motor. Got it replaced super quick that same morning.

Thursday, we got all of our air conditioning fixed which is such a blessing. Sleeping is much more peaceful now. When we came home, we found out the same robber had tried to steal our neighbor's water motor as well like 10 minutes before we got home.

Friday, we had a really bad rainstorm and when we got home we walked into our room with an inch of water on the ground. Almost enough to go swimming. But yeah, the water leaked through the ceiling and got one of my suitcases wet too. Sad.

I haven't been able to watch all of General Conference yet because we're waiting until it is translated into Khmer to watch it with the members this weekend, but I'm really looking forward to hearing all the messages.

I've been really trying to study the Atonement of Jesus Christ more and develop a better understanding. I don't have much time today to write all my thoughts, but the main thing I've been looking more into is the role that forgiveness plays in Christ's Atonement. Forgive others!

Elder Mendenhall

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