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Week 55: Service, Biking, and Massages

Sep 25, 2023

Hey everyone! This was kind of a weird week, but it was still super fun!

We had service three days in a row this week. It was pretty killer and my body is exhausted, but I'm glad we were able to help out some members. The first day we helped this one member mix some concrete and spread it all out on her front porch. First time doing that. She was going to do it all by herself, which is insane, but luckily her daughter called us to help.

The second and third day we helped this member named Bong Sopheap and she is so awesome. She's an artist and her paintings are insane. I might have to buy one from her. Anyway, she's redoing her whole backyard area and it's beautiful. It definitely does not look like Cambodia. But we helped her shovel and move sand around the yard to level out the ground. It looks really good. I think she also might be drawing me a picture of Spiderman. Pretty cool.

We also biked over 100 kilometers this week which was insane. Not a good mix with three days of service, but I think my body has recovered. We biked over 100 kilometers just from Thursday to Saturday because we were visiting some members in this far out area. One morning the branch president came with us and even rode his bike too. I love Cambodia.

On Sunday night we did a family home evening at Bong Vy's house with her and her family (her family is the family that I met 6 years ago that my brother taught). I haven't been able to visit them too much during my time in Ta Khmau sadly, but I always love seeing them and getting to spend time with them. For FHE we just asked them about their first experiences going to church and how they felt, and it was so awesome to listen to their stories. They also made some bomb food for us. My leg also started falling asleep, so I stuck my legs out to the side and then Bong Vy asked me if I wanted her to massage my leg and I laughed and said, "no it's ok" and then she said "no" and proceeded to revive my leg from its slumber by massaging it. Kinda weird, but hilarious, and it made my leg feel much better😁 She is another mom now. I love them.

Bong Lin and her kids are out of town so she can work. Her husband told me they might come back in a month or so, but it's not for sure. I didn't get to say bye to them sadly, but I know God will prepare the way for them. Please pray for Bong Lin and her kids and pray that we can find a way to get in contact with her.

Also please pray for Ming Simone and Ming Phal!!

Elder Mendenhall

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