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Week 54: Meet the Chum Chans

Sep 18, 2023

I got hit by another moto last week. Unphased. Immediately went to Luckys (Cambodian supermarket) after and bought five frozen lasagnas that were on sale. I am devouring those.

Also, I don't know why, but it has taken me 20 years of life and a year in Cambodia to appreciate the divine taste of Oreos and milk. My favorite nighttime snack now.

To start the week out we had MLC (Mission Leader Council) and that's always a good time. Not much happens, but it's super awesome to get with the other leaders in the mission and talk about what we can do to help our mission improve. The Spirit is always so strong when we meet together. One of my favorite parts is getting to spend the night with all the elders in one house and just staying up late. Things got a little crazy with my old companion, Elder Suy. I love that guy. In MLC we really focused on the importance of PMG (Preach My Gospel) and what we can do to apply it more in our mission. This past week I have really been trying to study it more and I have seen it improve my studies, teaching, and everything. PMG is for everyone! Not just missionaries! I encourage all of you to study it.

On Thursday we met with our friend Bong Lin and her two kids and we hadn't been able to meet her for like a week, but she said she was having some problems so we weren't able to teach her anything. We invited her to the Book of Mormon class that we would be having later that night and she ended up bringing her kids as well. Before class started, she just told me everything going on and was having some real struggles with their financial situation and said she might have to leave Ta Khmau to find work. It was really hard to hear all of it, but I told her she should really pray to Heavenly Father to help her know what she should do. Book of Mormon class starts, and we all start reading one by one. Her two little kids (12 and 10) start reading and everyone's jaws drop. These kids read better than half the people in the class and were reading big scripture words like it was nothing. It was so awesome.

On Saturday we were meeting Bong Lin and her kids again and we talked to them about how they can live with their family forever. Towards the end of the lesson I felt very strongly prompted to ask them if they wanted to be baptized, despite the possibility of them moving. We asked Bong Lin if she wanted to be baptized and her 10-year-old daughter, Ya, answered for them all and said yes! They also came to church on Sunday which was so awesome. Please pray for Bong Lin and her family!

There's also this super old guy that got baptized a few months ago and he got special permission because he's so old and doesn't remember much, but we still see him about once a week. He had this giant tumor/ball-looking thing on his hand when I first met him, and he asked us to give him a blessing for it a couple of weeks ago. When we saw him on Saturday, I saw he had his hand wrapped and it wasn't a huge bump. He said it exploded that morning. Insane. Then he asked us to cast the demons and evil spirits out of this old tree in his backyard. Priesthood power!!

On Sunday, it was such a special day. Not only because it was the Sabbath, but because I had the opportunity to watch a whole family start their covenant journey with Heavenly Father by getting baptized. I said last week that this family was having some problems, so it was a huge miracle that their baptism still happened and I am so grateful that I was able to be a part of it all. They were all so happy and glowing. Especially the mom. I feel like I have seen her grow so much since the beginning and have seen her love for Jesus Christ grow. Chum Deth, Sophany, Reaksa, Thida, and Satya have become part of my family. I love them so much.

Families can be together forever!

Elder Mendenhall

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