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Week 53: Kimlong

Sep 11, 2023

It's only been a few days since the last email, but I feel like a bunch has happened already.

On Thursday we went and visited Ma Simone. She is the mom of one of the sister missionaries in the mission right now (Sister Thoun) and I have the honor of her calling me her កូន (child). She's been learning with the missionaries for a while now but has had some personal things holding her back from being baptized, but she is the sweetest lady ever. When we went to her house she said she had been sick for a couple of days. She's said that many times before but I never thought much of it, but this time I felt prompted to ask her if she wanted a blessing or if she even knew what a blessing was. She said she had seen another member get a blessing before, but she had never gotten one. She asked us, "Can I get a blessing even though I'm not a member yet?" And we said, yes of course, and gave her a blessing right there. Afterwards she started crying and said she wanted to ask for a blessing for the past few days, but she didn't think she could because she hasn't been baptized and she didn't want to bother us. She had been praying about it and knew that God was listening to her prayers. Heavenly Father knows us all so perfectly.

My comp, Elder Chheav, woke up on Friday morning and said he wasn't feeling well and that he might go home early before the MTC so we ended up staying in the house all day which was kind of weird. First time doing that. Got a lot of time to study, think, and slid a little nap in there... a lot of time to just think about life and the future though.

Elder Chheav ended up going home Saturday afternoon so now I am in a trio AGAIN with Elder Nielsen and another mini-missionary named Elder Lorn. They're beasts.

On Sunday our boy Kimlong got baptized!! He is so awesome. He was a referral from some members in Steung Mean Chey that we met at the beginning of last transfer. The first time we met Kimlong he already knew so much and had a love for Christ, and it has been so amazing to see him grow. I know he will help so many people throughout his life to know Christ.

Please pray for our friends. They are an amazing family but are having some trials in their life right now.

Chum Deth

Elder Mendenhall

Short week so not too many pics, sorry!

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