Cambodia Ta Khmau

Week 49: Trio Life

Aug 14, 2023

Sorry this is so late! For some reason everything has been late this week which is so bad and makes me feel awful. But thankfully we can always repent and do better next time!

Anyway, quick update. Elder Clarkson and I have been doing great and just added another beast to our companionship, Elder Chheav! He is Khmer and is going to the MTC next month, but he'll be with us for the rest of the transfer which is so awesome. I got a chance to serve with Elder Chheav in Battambang for 3 weeks and it was good, but I didn't get to know him too well until this week. He is so funny and has actually helped a lot with the work. I've also been learning some Khmer from him which is needed.

Also got to do an exchange with my boy Elder Dennett this week. I love exchanges with him.

Right now, we are teaching some awesome people. One of them is a woman named Ming Phal and she is the mom of my good friends Bong Jarom and Sister Sok (Jarom Jones and his wife). She came to church for the first time on Sunday and it made my whole week.

I love you all,
Elder Mendenhall

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