Cambodia Ta Khmau

Week 48: What is He Doing Right Now??

Aug 07, 2023

We had a great week in Ta Khmau this week! We've been seeing so many miracles and we've really been recognizing the hand of the Lord more often in our work.

We had MLC (Mission Leadership Council) this week too and it was really good to just get together and talk about what we can do to improve our mission and help all of the missionaries find joy in the work. President talked to us about being "coaches" in the mission and helping the missionaries to figure things out through their own experiences. Lots of great food too. I slammed 3 burgers and Sister Neang always makes the best food. Best mission mom ever. It was really good to see some people from my MTC group again too. Love them.

Elder Nydeggar and I got to do an exchange this past week and it was sooo much fun. He used to serve in Ta Khmau and it's his favorite area, so he already knew a bunch of people and places, which was super helpful because he was able to show me some member houses and places I didn't know yet.

We had some super cool miracles though. As we were on the way to the lesson, we took a detour so he could show me a member's house. As we were leaving, we passed by this lady and she looked a little stressed, so Elder Ny felt like we need to go back and talk to her. We talked to her for a bit, and she got really emotional and told us she was struggling because she wanted to go back home to Siem Reap but didn't have any money to go back yet and she missed her family. We did our best to comfort her and to let her know things would be okay. We don't know if she'll become an investigator or get baptized or anything like that, but God knew she just needed someone to talk to that day, so he sent us.

Later we had a lesson with Elder Nydeggar's Khmer mom, Ming Simone. She's the actual mom of one of the sister missionaries, but she's not a member and she started learning with Elder Nydeggar when he was in Ta Khmau. We really focused on the reality that God is our Heavenly Father and that He lives. While we were talking about the Plan of Salvation we asked her, "What do you think Heavenly Father is doing right now?" And she said, "I think He's listening to this lesson right now." The Spirit was so strong and I truly know that Heavenly Father was with us in the lesson. This was the last time Elder Ny saw Ming Simone before he ends his mission, so there were definitely some tears shed. I'm not even leaving Ta Khmau but I cried too, hahaha.

I know God lives and I know right now He is listening to you and watching over every single one of you. He loves you so much.

Elder Mendenhall

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