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Week 43: Sick Chicken

Jul 03, 2023

Hey everyone! I hope you all had a great week! I don't have much time because we had zone p-day today and we went to a mountain, so I had trash service and didn't get a chance to write my email. But this week was pretty good. 

I started feeling better after being sick for a little bit and then the APs (Assistants to the President) decided they wanted to do an exchange with me and my companion this week. Elder Nydeggar was super sick and Elder Kitchen was also a little sick, but they still decided to come do exchanges with us. They got me sick again, but I'm feeling better now! 

I was able to go on an exchange with Elder Kitchen this past week though and it was so much fun and I was able to learn so much from him. I was super excited to do an exchange with him because I've never been able to serve around him before. He has one of the best Khmer accents I've ever heard from an American though. All the people we talked to throughout the day were just roasting me because I at least look kind of Khmer, but this white guy sitting next to me is just speaking super clear, fluent Khmer. It was so awesome to hear him speak. He also goes by Elder Chicken because it sounds like kitchen.

While on exchange we met this lady named Bong Kong who is in a wheelchair and has lots of challenges in her life. She joined a Christian church about a year ago and already has a really strong belief in God. She was so nice, and I know God is watching over her. She said we could go back later this next week, so I am super excited. Please pray for her! 

Also please pray for our friends Ming Nat, her son Lin, and our two deaf friends, Heng Ganha and Sok Veasna!


Elder Mendenhall

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