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Week 42: Pizza Time

Jun 26, 2023

This week was pretty good, other than being a little sick for the last few days. But we've been meeting with some of our friends a lot more consistently lately and that's the best thing I could ask for right now.

I'm hoping our two deaf friends, Heng Ganha and Sok Veasna, will be able to get baptized soon. They have been progressing very well the past couple of weeks and have learned a lot more thanks to my friend Tiara back home!

We also put two more of our friends on date this week! មីង ណាត (ming Nat) and her son លីន (Lin) are so willing to learn and so awesome. លីន is only 10 years old but he is so smart and loves to read so he can read in the Book of Mormon which is such a huge miracle.

We've been eating a lot of pizza recently. RIP to my msf.

New PMG just dropped!!


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