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Week 39: Change Your Life

Jun 05, 2023

Hello everyone!! This week was a little slow because we went to Siem Reap for two days for zone conference, but it was so worth it.

Zone conference was great, and I felt like I took in a lot more of what they talked about than I have in the past. The APs (Assistants to the President), STLs (Sister Training Leaders), and President shared a lot of great stuff that I think will help our mission grow a lot and become more effective in our work. One thing we've really been focusing on as a mission the past couple of transfers is trying to really find those that are elect and truly WANT to be baptized. 

Usually when we go contacting, we always ask if they want to learn about Jesus Christ or if they have any interest, but just because they say yes doesn't mean they really want to. Elder Jones told us that one way we can change this question to find the elect is to ask people if they want to have their lives CHANGED by the gospel of Jesus Christ. I have been applying this a lot more now during contacts and even during lessons and I have really been able to see a difference in the effectiveness of this simple question. I know the gospel of Jesus Christ has changed my life and I know it can change every person's life that truly wants to change.

This gospel is perfect. His plan is perfect. His love is perfect. HE is perfect.


Elder Mendenhall

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