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Week 30: Lord, is it I?

Apr 03, 2023

What's up everyone! I hope everyone is doing well and had the opportunity to watch the amazing talks in general conference this weekend! I haven't had the chance yet because they have to translate it all to Khmer and then we'll watch it with the members next week, but I am so excited to listen to all the amazing messages!

This week I watched a talk called "Lord, is it I?" by President Uchtdorf and it was such an amazing talk. I invite all of you to go watch it. 

I loved all the messages in this talk, but one of my favorite parts of the talk was the beginning. President Uchtdorf starts out by saying, 

"It was our beloved Savior’s final night in mortality, the evening before He would offer Himself a ransom for all mankind. As He broke bread with His disciples, He said something that must have filled their hearts with great alarm and deep sadness. “One of you shall betray me,” He told them. The disciples didn’t question the truth of what He said. Nor did they look around, point to someone else, and ask, “Is it him?” Instead, “they were exceeding sorrowful, and began every one of them to say unto him, Lord, is it I?”

I feel like we often are quick to "look around, point to someone else" and put the blame on others. I definitely do this sometimes, I won't lie. We all do. It's just human nature. But recently, when I am in difficult or frustrating situations, I try to ask myself "Lord, is it I?" I know when we do this and ask the Lord what we can do to improve ourselves, He will bless us and our focus can be more centered on progress and joy. It is more important that we notice our own faults first and focus to improve ourselves rather than pointing the finger and putting all the blame on someone else. When we turn to the Lord we can always progress and grow in all aspects of life. 

I invite all of you to ask yourselves, "Lord, is it I?" I love you all so much!


Elder Mendenhall

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