Week 4: Fosse is Boss

Oct 01, 2022

Hello everyone! This week has been filled with highs and lows. I'll share some of the fun stuff first. This week I finally got to play some volleyball since we didn't have choir rehearsal the past couple of days. It has been so fun playing with our districts and getting a break from everything for a little bit. On Monday we shaved some of the Elders' heads and they honestly don't look that bad. They have been trying to convince me to do it and I'm kind of tempted to. I didn't this week though since I'm going to be singing in General Conference today! I couldn't be more excited. I invite all of you to watch and listen to the words of the prophet and the music that we will be singing. 

I have the best teachers ever. Brother Hardy let me borrow his suit jacket for General Conference this week which I appreciated so much (pictures provided). It was also Brother Chytraus' last day teaching on Thursday which was sad. He gave us all an amazing last lesson and most of us cried. He also gave each of us a Cambodian tie as a farewell gift, but we had to promise to remember the First Vision of Joseph Smith in Khmer before leaving the MTC. I'm definitely going to make that a goal over the next few weeks and make him proud. Yesterday I bought some Reese's chocolate for my teacher to thank him because he sent me pictures and audio messages of a lesson I missed earlier in the week because of choir rehearsal. I was super stressed about missing class, so he was nice enough to take some extra time to help me, which I really appreciated. As I was walking into class to give him the Reese's, Elder Fosse shot up out of his seat and was telling me how I can't eat food in the building because the building is like a temple. I appreciated his concern and explained that it was a gift for Brother Peterson, but he just did not let it go and kept telling me I couldn't have food in the building. That's when I got annoyed so I asked him "What am I supposed to do Elder Fosse? Walk to his apartment down the street and leave it at his door?" Then I look in the back of the class and two of the other elders were dying laughing so then I started laughing and Elder Fosse got so mad. I just had to walk away because we couldn't stop laughing. Elder Fosse is truly a great elder though and he works so hard, but he can really push our buttons sometimes. We've given him the name Elder Boss as a joke, but we think he honestly loves it. 

On Sunday we had a devotional from President Porter and his wife about the power of miracles. Afterwards we had a district discussion about the devotional and what we all took away from it. It was the strongest I have felt the Spirit so far while being here at the MTC. Everyone shared their thoughts and some difficulties they have been having in life with the loss or struggles of loved ones and everyone was crying. I love how close and trusting we have all become of each other. We are all constantly praying for each other and our families and I have felt the power of prayer through them. Speaking of prayer, I have been able to say my prayers fully in Khmer the last couple of days! The prayers are pretty simple right now, but it has truly been a miracle and I have been having so many "gift of tongues" miracles. Being able to say my prayers fully in Khmer was a huge motivator for me this week. On Monday I got stressed out and overwhelmed with the language and had a breakdown and started crying during class. I took some time to go out in the hall and sat in a study room to calm down a bit. As I sat there, I said a prayer to Heavenly Father and promised that I would work harder and be more obedient to Him so I can continue to progress and be prepared for the people in Cambodia. I instantly felt his comfort surrounding me and was able to calm down. The power of prayer is real. In Alma 37:36 it says, "Yea, and cry unto God for all thy support; yea, let all thy doings be unto the Lord, and whithersoever thou goest let it be in the Lord; yea, let all thy thoughts be directed unto the Lord; yea, let the affections of thy heart be placed upon the Lord forever." I encourage everyone to pray to Heavenly Father whether it be to thank Him or ask for blessings and help. Prayers can create miracles. Pray often!

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I love you all,

Elder Mendenhall